Palaeography is the science that studies ancient and historical handwriting.  The Hebrew Palaeography Project is a research project sponsored in cooperation by the Israeli Academy for Sceinces and Humanities and the National French Center for Scientific Reearch (CNRS).  It's object is to locate, classify and identify all extant dated hebrew manuscripts from the middle ages.  The manuscripts are classified according to hundreds of different properties, graphical, physical, technical and textual.  From the characteristics of dated manuscripts it is possible to identify and date undated manuscripts.  A full description of this project can be found at the site of the Israeli Academy for Sciences and Humanities.

To support this project our company has developed the SfarData database, a unique system that integrates this data and allows practically unlimited querying of the database.  Besides the classification and description of the manuscripts there is access to selected photos of the manuscripts and to the research notes.

This database is currently hosted at the site of the National Library of Israel