The 'Shavit' software package is a package for creating computerized tests and quality assurance reviews. Shavit is the result of 15 years of experience gathered in our company managing computerized tests and assurance reviews. Shavit enables easy creation of tests on any needed level of sophistication and complexity, and replaces our previous software packages. The package enables, among other features:

  • Building reusable question repositories.
  • Maintaining the same question in multiple languages.
  • Inserting visual and other objects into the questions.
  • Classification of questions to any level.
  • Producing tests out of the question repositories; unlimited versions for every test.
  • Creating test templates.
  • Inputting test answers from scanners.
  • Performing Interactive tests
  • Interfacing with operational systems
  • An advanced statistics and reporting module.

Shavit has been purchased and is currently in use at the Israeli Ministry of Health, at the Technion's Medical School, at the School for Nursing at Tel-Aviv University, at the Israeli Aircraft Industries and at the Civil Aviation Authority. Shavit has been ordered for the MOH quality assurance department and for the department for Mental Health.